Appeal for funds

Dear supporters,

As you probably know, Tesco have now said that they will open on Mill Road on 26 August, and are in the process of fitting out the site. However, they still have no way to make the deliveries they need legally and safely, and they have still not shown that they can open legally without further planning permission. We now have evidence that they are planning to ignore these problems, in the hope that no-one will challenge them. They are wrong.

Tesco have now confirmed, in writing, that they are planning to deliver to the site by stopping on Mill Road. This would be a breach of the planning conditions attached the site, and would ignore the judgement of the council and the planning inspector that this would be dangerous for everyone else because of the way that Tesco make deliveries.

We have asked the council to deal with these problems urgently, but we are also taking legal advice about our next steps. This means that we need money and although we have some money in the campaign’s account, further funds are required so we can continue getting legal advice and taking action. So, we are asking everyone who wants to keep Tesco off Mill Road if they can make a contribution. You can donate at Libra Aries on Mill Road, or send a cheque made payable to the MILL ROAD SOCIETY and sent to Libra Aries Books, 9 the Broadway, Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3AH. All donations, however large or small, will help us to keep fighting Tesco on Mill Road.

Finally, thank you to everyone who took the time to send in objections to the alcohol licence application. We will let you know when the date of the hearing is confirmed.

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