Highway Authority comments to the City Council on the Tesco application

We have obtained a copy of the Highway Authority’s comments on the Tesco applications; this is dated 5th October 2007 so refers to at least the initial application.


From: Finney Jon [mailto:Jon.Finney@cambridgeshire.gov.uk]
Sent: 05 October 2007 16:33
To: [name removed on privacy grounds]
Subject: Tescos site Mill Road, 07/0811/FUL

Dear [name removed on privacy grounds],

Please find attached a copy of the Highway Authority’s comments reference the above.

I am on leave next week, if you wish to discuss anything further, please do not hesitate to call me on or after 15th October.


Jon Finney
Development Control Engineer (City and South)


The Highway Authority has no objection to the proposed rear extension to the property.

However, the proposed provision of a loading lay-by to the front of the property presents significant safety issues:

1. The proposed bay occupies the entirety of the adopted public highway which is clearly a significant detriment to the safety of pedestrian traffic using Mill Road, as they will have no alternative other than to enter private ground over which the Highway Authority have no control or to use the carriageway. Any vehicle entering the bay has the potential to conflict with pedestrians.

2. Given the level of servicing that the proposed unit is likely to generate there is a strong possibility that there be significant movement of goods from any delivery vehicle to the store which has a high potential for pedestrian conflicts, again to the detriment of pedestrian safety.

The Highway Authority requests that in its present format that the application be refused on the grounds of highway safety.

Please add an informative to any planning permission that may be granted to the effect that Planning Permission does not constitute permission to work on the adopted public highway and that separate permissions for such works must be sort from the Highway Authority. In this case the Highway Authority will not issue any such permissions for the construction of the lay-by.

The Highway Authority would have no objection to the store being serviced from the rear yard. This will require the amendment of the existing Traffic Regulation Order to permit two way traffic for a short distance along Sedgwick Street. If the applicant wishes to pursue this route then please make them aware that the Highway Authority will require a Section 106 Agreement to be entered into to fund the required alteration of the Traffic Regulation Order and all associated civil engineering works.

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