‘Why you should NOT shop at Tesco’ leaflet

This leaflet is a summary of why we encourage people not to shop at the new Tesco Express store that so many local people fought against.

Click on each image to obtain the printable version:

‘Why celebrate Mill Road?’ flyer

Our new ‘Why celebrate Mill Road?’ flyer was published in September 2009.

‘The fight goes on’ flyer

Our new ‘The fight goes on’ flyer was published in September 2009.

No Tesco Lager in Mill Road poster

Click on the thumbnail below for the full-size version.

Every Little Hurts poster

Our new poster featuring the independent traders of Mill Road.

New poster/banner

This new poster, in b&w or colour format, are ideal to print off for your window or on a banner.

Banner (black and white version) Banner (colour version)

Many thanks to Rob for these.

Colour flyer

Please print out and download the new colour No Tesco Mill Road flyer, or help us distribute it.

Window poster

We now have a simple awareness-raising No Tesco Mill Road window poster.

Objection sheet/briefing note

We also have created an objection sheet/briefing note.


Our petition, now signed by thousands of people, can still be printed out and dropped off to many shops on Mill Road.

Initial flyer

The original No Tesco Mill Road flyer is still available.

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