Deliveries to the Tesco Express, High St, Chesterton

We have been sent the following report from a nearby resident of the Tesco Express in High St, Chesterton. The following is reproduced verbatim.

“Here are some brief notes about the High St, Chesterton Tesco Express.

Deliveries/lorry issues:

The time of first delivery was from 5.30am onwards. They could only offically unload at 6 and so would often park up and wait. The reversing into place outside the shop involves the “bleeping” and then crashing as the tail lift is put down. There is then constant noise as trolleys are pushed up and down the length of the lorries. After much complaint the deliveries now happen from 7 am onwards. But this also includes Satudays and Sundays.

There are a MINIMUM of 3 deliveries per day (that’s what the deputy manager of Tescos told me) and in actual fact there are more like 4-5 per day. This is because there is a separate bread delivery, then a milk delivery occurs (directly from separate companies), followed by Tesco’s own lorries.

The size of the tesco lorries is also an issue as they are huge HGVs. Not only is this leading to more wear and tear on the speed bumps in Chesterton but the lorries stick out into the street when they are parked. I’ll try and get a photo tomorrow morning. Buses have real problems and have to pull over completely onto the oncoming traffic lane.

Other traffic issues:

Especially at peak times (8.30-9.30am and then 5pm – 8pm) there are huge numbers of cars pulling up for Tescos. There are double yellow lines that people park on illegally. Then there’s the problems of people constantly doing three point turns and reversing round corners of adjacent roads. As a cyclist there are more hazards of car doors opening, pedestrians stepping into the road without looking, and cars pulling in and out of parking spaces.

The only other problem is with litter. I pick up wrappers and bottles from my front garden about once a week.”

January 2008

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