Photo booklet

We have sent to Councillors on the East Area Committee a booklet of photos on various issues relevant to the Tesco applications.

Here are some photographs to illustrate some of the problems that a Tesco store would cause, as well as to provide a helpful photographic resource of the area that Councillors may find a useful reference point.

Some of these photos have been taken from Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s gallery, which is a public resource, with grateful thanks to the original photographers. There are more of the area at:

We hope these photos will be of interest.

Sonia Cooter, on behalf of
the No Mill Road Tesco Campaign

Mill Road accident map

The two halves of Mill Road are 3rd and 4th on the County Council’s cluster sites list.

A Tesco store, involving multiple lorry deliveries, can only increase the number of collisions in this area.

Notice how most collisions take place at junction points.

lle000.140419n52.198769a002m000o_20080115_163822 [640x480].jpg

Illegal stopping or unloading

Stopping or unloading in a way which blocks the pavement and causes danger to all road users on the road itself, is already rife on Mill Road. Tesco themselves are amongst the offenders already.

lle000.135093n52.200924a002m135o_20051014_150817 [640x480].jpg

lle000.134014n52.201363a002m315o_20071008_181228 [640x480].jpg

Level of public concern

The public meeting and March for Mill Road attracted large numbers of concerned local people.

DSCN4079 [640x480].JPG

kihgf 017 [640x480].JPG

Alternative uses

There are no shortage of potential alternative uses which members of the public have suggested. Councillors should take a lead in trying to make these come to fruition, instead of approving a store that is not needed.

DSCN4340 [640x480].JPG

Sedgwick Street delivery area

lle000.144260n52.197823a002m000o_20080114_162456 [640x480].jpg

lle000.144437n52.198112a002m135o_20080114_162321 [640x480].jpg

Traffic conditions

Cycling conditions in the area are already extremely poor, as is the pedestrian environment. Multiple lorry deliveries will not improve this.

lle000.144236n52.197809a002m135o_20030610_172742 [640x480].jpg

lle000.145180n52.197652a002m225o_20070515_090522 [640x480].jpg

What happens when a lorry goes down the terraced streets of Romsey

PB150013 [640x480].JPG

lorry_jam [640x480].jpeg

Tesco stores in Cambridge

Tesco already has 51% of the grocery market in Cambridge. This is in the Competition Commission’s top ten Tesco-dominated areas of the UK.

There are 13 Tesco-owned stores in Cambridge, of which 8 are Tesco-branded stores and others are One-Stop. So there is no shortage of places for people to go if they want to shop at Tesco.

Map showing 8 of the 13 Tesco stores in the area (others are One Stop, owned by Tesco), taken from Tesco’s own website.

Tesco store map [640x480].jpg

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