Traders’ quotes

What do the traders have to say about the impact of a Tesco on Mill Road?

Here are some quotes which we have been given by existing traders.

“If Tesco come we will lose that custom and then maybe long term come to close”

“Dreadful! Very negative impact on my business”

“It will cause a lot of chaos in the street”

“Will spoil feel of area and make it too like other towns. Prospect of cheaper alcohol will impact on youth in the area”

“It will affect most businesses and many will be closed”

“We already struggle to bring customers into our branch … due to Mill Road traffic problems … we feel that Tesco will only increase the difficulty by creating more traffic”

“our concern is for the small convenience stores”

“aside from all the practical implications – traffic, noise etc – I fear Tesco’s biggest impact will be on the independent spirit of Mill Road. We won’t be able to compete financially … ”

“will affect everyone”

“I have a concern about the increase in traffic and the takeover of the world by Tesco”

“I think just having the Co-operative and other businesses (ie grocers etc) is already plenty enough. If a Tesco Express were to be opened on Mill Road, I think all the traffic would suddenly build up too”

“Tesco are a ‘big miscellaneous’. They are not personal, they don’t care.”

“They bribe their way into areas and it shouldn’t be allowed. They kill independent enterprise”

“It would kill local businesses and change the nature of this road. It would kill the culture of this area”

“They can afford to undercut other businesses. It will be a real shame for us and our neighbours along Mill Road.”

“They are driving a Rolls Royce and they want to crush all the Minis”

“I am worried. I think that congestion and parking will be a massive problem – it is already affecting my business”

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