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Tesco have applied for an alcohol licence

Signs have gone up on the Wilco site to say that Tesco have applied for an alcohol licence.

Tesco are on very, very weak ground here – the cumulative impact zone on Mill Road was introduced specifically
to limit off licence sales.

Tesco are on very weak ground here – the cumulative impact zone on Mill Road was introduced specifically to limit off licence sales. Anyone who lives in the Mill Road area will be aware of alcohol-related issues over the years.

Please stay tuned – we will publish more information here shortly.

600 days

Dear supporters,

Today marks 600 days of local people managing to keep Tesco off Mill Road. That’s 600 days of local people stopping the world’s third biggest retailer, despite their best attempts to get the store open.

Congratulations to everyone – everyone who wrote to the planning department or to their councillor, or went on the march, or delivered a leaflet, or put a poster in their window, or pretended to be a reversing Tesco lorry, but especially to those local traders who are still in business as a result.

Lots of us can probably remember being told at the start of the campaign that we shouldn’t bother because there was nothing that could be done to stop Tesco opening. This shows what can be done if thousands of local people are determined to fight for their community!

Shopping Basket Comparison: Tesco Express (Cambridge Leisure Park) vs Mill Road Shops

We’ve undertaken a third shopping basket comparison, following on from our previous two.

Summary of results:

  • Mill Road : £38.51
  • Tesco Express: £45.15

Mill Road shopping basket is 15% cheaper than Tesco Express.

Hilary’s is 31% cheaper for fruit and veg.

Read the full results and FAQs.

£4m kept in Mill Road

If Tesco had been able to open up on their target date, we estimate that today would have marked the day when the store would have had a total turnover of £4 million.* That’s £4 million that hasn’t gone through Tesco’s tills but has been spent in existing shops.

Thanks to everyone that has helped keep local money in the local economy.

* Calculation details available on request!