Architects compete to find better use for Mill Road site

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A group of Cambridge University architecture students is holding a competition to find an alternative use for the old Wilco site on Mill Road, which Tesco has earmarked for the site of its fourteenth store in Cambridge. The group, Architecture Sans Frontiers Cambridge, is asking students to design a building or space which can be used by the community.

The competition, independently organized by ASF Cambridge but to be held at the University Department of Architecture [1], is scheduled to start at lunchtime on Friday 29th February, and finish in the evening on the Saturday 1st March. A reception and display of the entries, open to the public, will begin at 5pm on Saturday. The press is also invited to attend.

Sheila Jeffery, who has been looking into possible alternative uses for the Wilco site on behalf of the No Mill Road Tesco campaign, will be among the judges.

“Architecture Sans Frontiers Cambridge is about learning from architects around the world to develop and promote sustainability and community in architecture,” explained ASF Cambridge Co-President Robert Percy. “We consider having a real local issue as key to the relevance of this project, and the Mill Road community, as one of the most vibrant and united in Cambridge, is the perfect example.”

Sheila Jeffery added: “The No Mill Road Tesco Campaign is pleased to support Architecture Sans Frontiers with this competition as it is an ideal opportunity to show that sustainability and community need to be considered in architecture in projects in this country, on both new buildings and in refurbishing existing ones. This competition gives us all the opportunity to see what could be done with this site to the benefit of the community – giving it something it wants.”

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