Questions about Mill Road for Councillors

A question was asked by a member of the public at the 28th February East Area Committee meeting, as follows, which has relevance to our Campaign:

“In a recent letter to the CEN, Cllr Sadiq expressed concern at Tesco’s policy of selling cut price alcohol, which exacerbates the local problem of anti social behaviour caused by under age drinking. Do councillors agree that
supermarkets should take responsibility for this problem, and that it would be unwise to encourage the availability of cheap alcohol on Mill Road by allowing another supermarket to open?”

The minutes, published subsequently, state:

“In responding to the question members and officers made the following points:

  • Cllr Sadiq confirmed his continued support for the view he had expressed.
  • The introduction of the Mill Road Cumulative Impact Zone, if adopted as part of the Council’s Licensing Policy, would have an impact on any potential new licensee in the Mill Road area or an existing licensed business seeking to amend its conditions.
  • Outside a Cumulative Impact Zone, the presumption was for the grant of a Licence; within a Zone the presumption was reversed and the application for a new licensed premises or extension of existing opening hours would have to be based on evidence of need provided by the applicant.”

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