East Area Committee: video coverage

Here is a short, edited video of the March 2008 East Area Committee meeting at which Tesco’s first application was refused.

On 6th March at St Philip’s Church on Mill Road, Councillors heard the application by Tesco for their proposed store on Mill Road. Packed with local residents, many carrying banners, the Councillors refused Tesco permission for the extension to the Wilco site. They require this extension in order to make the store viable and get access for deliveries although they currently hold the lease.

Speakers from Tesco, No Mill Road Campaign, Cambridge Cycling Campaign, and Friends of the Earth spoke.

Councillors followed planning directives allowing an ATM and sign for the store but on the crucial extension/access vote they did not.

As they considered their decision the community raised many ‘no’ messages into the air.

Campaigners, residents and small traders cheered and applauded.

Report and video also at http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/cambridge/2008/03/394821.html

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