Archive for 20th May 2008

Wilco site

We understand that squatters have moved into the old Wilco store on Mill Road, the site where Tesco want to open an Express store. This is not connected in any way to the campaign to keep Tesco out of the site.

The No Mill Road Tesco Campaign is not involved in this action and we do not support it.

The fact that squatters could occupy the building is further, unfortunate evidence of Tesco’s failure to properly secure and maintain the back of the site, which has been allowed to deteriorate over recent months. Rubbish has been left to rot in the car park, posing a health risk to local residents, and windows at the back of the building have been left broken.

In the interests of local people, we hope that Tesco will now start behaving like responsible leaseholders and ensure that the back of the site is kept clean and secure.

On the broader question of the Wilco site, many residents of Romsey have become very concerned in recent months about the empty shops on Mill Road in the Romsey area, not just the Tesco site. As a result of this the No Mill Road Tesco campaign has taken the lead in an initiative to try to revitalise the area. Following recent discussions with local Councillors, the initial work and report on this will be made available shortly to other interest groups with the intention of setting up a working party involving local people and groups who want to improve the area – and give Mill Road the shops and facilities it wants and needs.