31st July is the decision date for new Tesco application

Council planners have now confirmed that a decision on the new application by Tesco will take place at the next East Area Committee on Thursday 31st July. Details of where and when to follow. Please put the date in your diary.

The council planners have now published their report. As we expected, and as they did last time, they recommend approval. The Campaign is in the process of analysing this report and will publish our views shortly.

In the meantime, please write to your Councillors to tell them how you want them to vote on 31st July. You can find their e-mail addresses at:  http://www.cambridge.gov.uk/ccm/content/committees/area-east.en and they are listed here:

  • Romsey
    • Catherine Smart <chlsmart@cix.co.uk>
    • Sarah Ellis-Miller <sarah.ellis_miller@ntlworld.com>
    • Raj Shah <raj.shah@cambridge.gov.uk>
  • Petersfield:
    • Ben Bradnack <ben.bradnack@cambridge.gov.uk >
    • Kevin Blencowe <kevin.blencowe@cambridge.gov.uk>
    • Lucy Walker <lucy.walker@cambridge.gov.uk>
  • Coleridge:
    • Jeremy Benstead <j.benstead@cfr-uk.co.uk>
    • Lewis Herbert <Lewis.Herbert@cambridge.gov.uk>
    • Chris Howell <chris.howell@cambridge.gov.uk>
  • Abbey:
    • Caroline Hart <caroline.hart@cambridge.gov.uk>
    • Miriam Lynn <miriam.lynn@cambridge.gov.uk>
    • Margaret Wright <margaret@corona4.fsnet.co.uk>

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