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Tesco’s claims about the need for, and accessibility of, an express store on Mill Road: some maps

Over the course of their applications for planning permission in respect of this site, and their appeals to the planning inspectorate, Tesco have made a number of claims about the need for the proposed Express store and its accessibility by public transport. Some of these have been repeated, and none retracted, in their current application (08/0794/FUL).

We thought it would be useful, therefore, to highlight the existing situation, in the context of which Tesco is making these claims. We have created a number of maps which can be viewed online:

View maps of local stores, and other maps, demonstrating the lack of need for a Tesco

  1. The existing grocery stores and off-licences on Mill Road
  2. Food stores in the immediate vicinity of the proposed Express site
  3. The existing Tesco-owned stores in Cambridge and the surrounding area
  4. Existing Tesco-owned stores on train lines from Cambridge