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Events on Saturday reported in the CEN

On Saturday, we ran a successful and enjoyable, happy occasion, celebrating 500 days without Tesco on Mill Road. People from around the community came to enjoy entertainment, local produce and the sunshine.

However, the Cambridge Evening News has today reported on an unconnected event nearby. A senior editor has contacted us to state that they will print a formal retraction of parts of this story:

“As I said before on the telephone, we will print a clarification tomorrow which makes clear that, further to the picture caption printed on page 2 today, No Mill Road Tesco campaign was in no way involved in the attack and members condemned the man’s actions. It also apologises for any confusion caused.

Hope this is ok, apologies once again for any problems this has caused.

Best wishes,
John Deex, Deputy editor”

We also issued the following statement to Councillors yesterday:

“As you may be aware, there have been reports that two individuals were subjected to verbal and physical abuse on Saturday, while attempting to collect signatures for a pro-Tesco petition.

As we hope you understand, these incidents are in no way connected with the No Mill Road Tesco Campaign, and we would take very seriously any suggestion that they were. In the event that any such allegation is brought to our attention, we will request either concrete evidence for the claim, or a full and public retraction of it; if neither is forthcoming, it would be our intention to seek legal redress.

The No Mill Road Tesco Campaign condemns such behaviour unreservedly and would strongly urge those affected to contact the police, if they have not already done so.

We always have been, and remain, confident of our arguments – arguments that have been supported by Council and Planning Inspectorate decisions. We regard abuse and threats as the resort of those with no arguments on their side, or those who are incapable of making arguments.”