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Why you should not shop at Tesco

We have published and are distributing a new leaflet aimed at students and others who are unfamiliar with the history of the site.

This leaflet is a summary of why we encourage people not to shop at the new Tesco Express store that so many local people fought against.

Please print and distribute!

Click on each image to obtain the printable version:

No Tesco Lager in Mill Road

A new poster you might wish to use, in the light of Tesco’s attempts to sell cheap booze in an area with an alcohol problem …

Click on the thumbnail below for the full-size version.

Victory poster

Print out our Victory poster!

Photo booklet

Check out our new photo booklet, of photographs of relevance to the issues under consideration.

Deliveries to the Tesco Express, High St, Chesterton

We have been sent a report from a nearby resident of the Tesco Express in High St, Chesterton about the problems of lorry deliveries and other traffic issues at that location.

Traders’ quotes

Frequently asked questions about Tesco and our campaign

We have published a new resource – some frequently asked questions to help clear up any misconceptions about Tesco.

Key points from the Competition Commission report

The Competition Commission has been researching the grocery market and has now published its provisional findings.

We have published a summary of key points from the Competition Commission report of relevance to the Mill Road issue.

Tescopoly book – special offer from Libra Aries Books

Libra Aries Books of Mill Road is running a special offer for reduced price copies of ‘Tescopoly – How one shop came out on top & why it matters’ by Andrew Simms.

Get your copy from Libra Aries now!

Facts and figures – Tesco/supermarkets

We have researched some facts and figures about Tesco which may make interesting reading…