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Mill Road Winter Fair

Volunteers from the No Mill Road Tesco campaign chatted with Cambridge Residents about the campaign at this year’s Mill Road Winter Fair. A number of volunteers braved the chilling winds to hold a stall at the old Wilco site.

Visitors to the stall included hundreds of people local to Mill Road and from all over Cambridge, David Howarth MP and even a troupe of Morris dancers and some of the characters from Star Wars! Volunteers answered questions about the campaign and helped visitors to the stall make funky ‘No Tesco’ badges. The No Mill Road Tesco petition grew by hundreds of signatures too. Visitors also brainstormed lots of ideas for possible alternative uses for the site instead of a Tesco store (see photos below).

Many of the visitors to the stall were supportive of the campaign’s aim to stop a Tesco store on Mill Road. The stall was also great opportunity to also engage with people who felt that a Tesco on Mill Road may be a useful thing. Many of these people felt that a Tesco Express meant cheaper goods – our shopping basket comparison helped to convince them otherwise!

Adults and children alike also took part in a fun quiz, which involved visiting six local shops (Limoncello, Balvs, Al Amin, Cho Mee Supermarket, Interflora and Kailash) to find out answers to questions about products sold there (products which one couldn’t find in a Tesco store!)

The prize draw will take place on Thursday 6th December 2007.

Mill Road Winter Fair Mill Road Winter Fair Mill Road Winter Fair Mill Road Winter Fair Mill Road Winter Fair