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Keeping Chorlton Interesting – campaigning works!

The Keep Chorlton Interesting group reports that the Planning Committee in their area voted to refuse the application to build a Tesco Express at 84 Manchester Road, Chorlton, Manchester. They voted unanimously against the planning department’s recommendation for approval. Sadly, Tesco have lodged a “non-determination” appeal, so their fight is not over yet.

However, congratulations to them from us in Cambridge!

Earlier in November, they issued a statement of support for our own Campaign in Cambridge:

The Keep Chorlton Interesting group has been campaigning since March against the application to build a Tesco Express in Chorlton, Manchester and is a coalition of local people, councillors and independent retail businesses. Last Thursday we won an important step forward in the campaign against the Tesco application.

The Council Planning Department’s recommendation was to approve the application. But following our campaign the planning committee Councillors voted unanimously for a “Minded to Refuse” motion. We still have a lot of work to do – but this was an important victory.

We take heart from Finchley where the Council’s decision to refuse a Tesco Express was upheld by the Planning Inspectorate. We can – and will – win – so can your campaign.

They also had done a shopping basket comparison, which, like our own comparison, found that a Tesco Express in their area was more expensive than local independent shops.

The Manchester Evening News also had a story of interest:

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