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Tesco claim another opening date

The Cambridge Evening News has run a story about Tesco claiming an opening date for their proposed store on Mill Road.

As you may remember, this isn’t the first time that Tesco have made similar claims – they originally claimed they were going to open up on 28 January last year, and then of course they were definitely going to “start work” on the store in July last year. That claim, like this one, was made after they had decided to make an application to the council and – again like this one – seemed designed to pressurise the council into giving them what they wanted (and scaring local people in the process).

We believe this is PR to put pressure on the licensing committee. Tesco have made no attempt to consult with the planning department who had previously advised them to apply for a lawful development certificate – which they haven’t done. They have not satisfied anyone that they can install the necessary equipment without needing planning permission, probably because this would be impossible (at least that’s what we’ve been told). They have no practical way of servicing the site, since the only means they have is round ‘the loop’ of Catherine and Sedgwick St, which they themselves have said is dangerous and not viable because the loop could easily be blocked by carelessly parked vehicles. And of course, they are applying for an off licence in an area where a cumulative impact zone was introduced specifically to deal with off-licence problems.

Tesco want to sell alcohol on Mill Road

Many of you will know that Tesco have recently applied for a licence to sell alcohol on Mill Road. We hope that you will share our view that they should not be granted an off licence, and this email is to inform you what you can do to help stop the licence being awarded.

Please send in your objections to the licensing officers at the council:


or write to:
Licensing Department (Alcohol Licences)
Environmental Services
Cambridge City Council
PO Box 700

Please entitle your letter/email ‘Representation regarding Tesco’s application for an off licence on Mill Road’. [There is no reference number]. Please also make sure you include your address, so the council know you are a local resident.

The consultation period ends on 23rd July 2009, so please make sure your objections are received before that date.

Please copy it to your local councillors, whose contact details are listed below:

Catherine Smart <>
Sarah Ellis-Miller <>
Raj Shah <>
Ben Bradnack < >
Kevin Blencowe <>
Lucy Walker <>
Jeremy Benstead <>
Lewis Herbert <>
Chris Howell <>
*Caroline Hart <>
Miriam Lynn <>
Margaret Wright

Romsey (which is the ward containing the premises):
Catherine Smart <>,
Sarah Ellis-Miller <>,
Raj Shah <>,

Petersfield (which Mill Road is also part of):
Ben Bradnack <>,
Kevin Blencowe <>,
Lucy Walker <>,


Jeremy Benstead <>,
Lewis Herbert <>,
Chris Howell <>,


Caroline Hart <>,
Miriam Lynn <>,
Margaret Wright <>

There are 4 acceptable criteria on which to object to a licence application, and they are as follows:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm.

You can object on any number of these grounds, which all carry equal weight, but they are the only grounds on which you may object. We would encourage everyone to give their own reasons when they write, but would just make a few points of background information which may be of interest:

This is the first application for an off licence since Mill Road became a Cumulative Impact Zone. (Two on-licences have been granted).

We know that many of you will have written as local people in support of the introduction of the CIZ; the same reasons are still relevant in the context of this application.

So, whether you are a parent, someone who has been the victim of alcohol-induced anti-social behaviour, or just someone who cares about Mill Road, please do take a few minutes to make your views known by sending your objections to the licensing officer and copying your e-mail to your local councillors.