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Tesco’s contractors driving the wrong way

Just a quick example of Tesco not playing by the rules – their contractors have been spotted driving past the No Entry sign, the wrong way up Sedgwick Street, to reach their site.

This is particularly naughty given that Tesco requested a Traffic Regulation Order to make the street two-way for a short length, but were refused. So the rules are just being broken anyway.

Tesco planning a 15th store in Cambridge?

Note: NMRT has no view on other Tesco stores around Cambridge. However, this story will be of interest to some of our supporters.

We have been investigating rumours that Tesco are planning to open another Tesco Express store, this time on East Road, which would be their 15th store in the Cambridge area.

The bed shop there, Dreams, on East Road had a closing down sale at the weekend, and a shop-worker there commented that Tesco was apparently to be the new occupant.

A planning application for the site mentions the same consultants as Tesco used in the Mill Road case and who got planning permission in March for the fence used around the refrigeration plant at the Leisure Park site.

One person e-mailed us to say:

“Is there literally no limit to the number of shops they want in Cambridge?”