Archive for 19th August 2009

Legal update

A considerable amount of legal correspondence regarding High Court action is being undertaken by our lawyer at present, between ourselves, Tesco’s legal representative and Cambridge City Council. This is in the light of various announcements and statements from both Cambridge City Council and Tesco themselves relating to the planning conditions, their enforcement, and delivery options.

We will publish a more detailed update as soon as possible.

Thank you to the very many of you who have contributed to our legal fund. Further donations can be made at Arjuna or Libra Aries.

Letter to nearby residents

We have written a letter to nearby residents on the issues they will be facing when Tesco starts its daily lorry deliveries.

CEN article on security guard

The Cambridge Evening News has today published an article concerning the hiring of a security guard at the Tesco site. Local residents such as ourselves are well aware that Tesco have in fact had a security guard present for over a week, and that this story is not in fact news.

The No Mill Road Tesco Campaign has always conducted its activity through entirely peaceful and lawful means. We note that the article did not feature any quotation from us.

We have always undertaken entirely legal and legitimate campaigning activity. We condemn any activity which involves violence, damage to property or non-courteous approaches to Tesco’s employees or contractors. Also, we were not connected to the squatting activity.