STOP PRESS: Tesco lose application for an alcohol licence

Tesco have failed in their attempt to obtain a licence to sell alcohol on Mill Road, an area with a known alcohol problem that is also a Cumulative Impact Zone.

[Update: Minutes of the meeting are now available.]

The police, represented by a legal team, objected in strong terms to the application.

Our representative, together with other local residents spoke at the hearing. Thanks to all who opposed the application (121 representations, vs. 2 in favour) and/or took part in activity to prevent this.

So far, therefore, Tesco have:

  • Lost a planning application and Public Inquiry to build an extension
  • Lost a planning application and pulled out of a Public Inquiry for air conditioning
  • Have a planning condition requiring them only to deliver from within the site (i.e. not from Mill Road), a matter on which we are currently seeking enforcement
  • Lost an attempt to sell alcohol

Tesco state on their website that:

“We do not apply for licences in areas with known disorder issues”

We wonder what they thought they were doing on Mill Road …

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