Tesco reply to David Howarth MP’s letter

Tesco have today replied to David Howarth’s letter asking why Tesco plan to break the law.

Here is Tesco’s reply to David Howarth’s letter.

It contains some interesting statements. Tesco themselves have now said (our emphasis):

“As you know the building does have a planning condition, which dates back quite a way that requires deliveries to be made to the rear doors.  This condition was in force prior to the surrounding roads being made into a one way system and would now require delivery vehicles to drive along residential streets.

“As part of our good neighbour policy we always consider local residents and neighbours and this was certainly a factor in our choice to deliver to the front of the store, as did the previous occupants, and most of the other traders along Mill Road do.

“Although we think this is probably the best option for the area I would like to confirm that we plan to service the store from the rear.”

i.e. drive round the loop into the rear of the site, manoeuvre a lorry in (and hope that there is space left in the car park).

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