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Telegraph article: ‘Shop local’ mentions the Campaign

Our Campaign to stop Tesco coming to Mill Road is mentioned in an article in Saturday’s Telegraph, entitled: ‘Shop Local‘.

Press release: The No Mill Road Tesco campaign gathers pace

The No Mill Road Tesco Campaign are holding a community music event this Saturday on the site of the proposed supermarket outlet. Local residents will gather at the old Wilco site to show their support for the diverse local businesses at risk if the proposed development goes ahead.

At 11am, singers led by the Good Vibrations Community Choir will sing songs about community and friendship from a number of different world traditions. They will be supported by an open-mic acoustic session arranged by local musicians. Campaigners will also be chatting to the public about their concerns over the proposed store. A mass leafleting of the local area is planned in the next phase of a campaign, which after only a week, has attracted regional and national media attention as well as vast local support.

Local Campaigner Richard Rippin said “I’ve been amazed at the pace of local activity aimed at stopping this proposal. The presence of the biggest supermarket chain is seen as likely to wreck the unique character of the Mill Rd neighbourhood, centered as it is on the amazing diversity of its local shops. Tesco may be the biggest and most powerful of all the supermarkets, but I don’t think they know quite what they are taking on here. The City Council has received huge numbers of objections to Tesco’s planning applications and £1000 has already been raised to support the campaign. The campaigners are also looking at alternative uses for the site, building links with other community groups lobbying local politicians and planning further events to publicise their cause.”

Concerned people who live and work and shop in the area are invited to contact the Planning department at the Cambridge City Council to voice their views. Email or Tel: 01223 457173


Information for editors: For further details contact us.

For interviews on Saturday morning, please ask for Simon Sedgwick-Jell.

PHOTO Opportunity: 11am on Saturday – people will be gathered in front of the proposed Tesco site (163 Mill road) for the community music event.