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Tesco store stopped in Ireland – campaigning works!

Today’s Guardian includes a story entitled ‘Ballycastle traders foil retail giant’s cause‘ about Tesco abandoning their plans to build an out-of-town store on the edge of Ballycastle after a local campaign.

The Belfast Telegraph also covers the same issue, in its article, ‘People power forces Tesco rethink on superstore plans‘.

CEN article: Protesters break into song to keep Tesco out

CAMPAIGNERS sang in the street to stop Tesco opening a new Cambridge store.
Supporters of the “No Mill Road Tesco” campaign gathered at the proposed site for a mass busking session on Saturday.

As reported in the News, there has been a backlash to Tesco’s plans to move onto the former Wilco site in Mill Road. Campaigners want to maintain Mill Road’s mix of independent stores. Continue reading ‘CEN article: Protesters break into song to keep Tesco out’ »

Grounds for objection to the Planning Application

We have now researched and published grounds for objection to the Planning Application.

Please write an objection AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – the deadline is THIS COMING FRIDAY, 19th October 2007.

Shopping basket comparison

Don’t assume that Tesco is cheaper than local shops. Check out our Shopping basket comparison.