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Press release: 100s More Names on “Stop Tesco’s” Petition

Just a week after a petition signed by thousands of local people was presented to Cambridge City Council, opposing Tesco’s plans to open a store on the city’s iconic Mill Road, another huge list of objectors will be handed into the Guildhall this Friday.

Campaign Co-ordinator Sonia Cooter, who will be presenting the new petition, said:

“Clearly we’re delighted that hundreds more people have signed up to the campaign in the last week. People who live and work around Mill Road really don’t want Tesco’s marching in and wrecking the unique character of our neighbourhood – and this is what we will be impressing on Tesco’s corporate affairs manager Michael Kissman, who we hope to be meeting soon.”

She added

“Do Tesco’s really want to move into area where thousands of people are saying “GO AWAY”, when they are already so well represented in the Cambridge area?”

The date for objections to Tesco’s current planning applications for the Mill Road site expires on the 19th but it is expected that several more applications would need to be lodged if the scheme was to go ahead and a local furore, that has already attracted national attention, seems destined to run on for the foreseeable future.