Archive for 27th October 2007

Suspicious survey

We have had a few reports of local people receiving a survey about ‘supermarkets’ from ABA Market Research. (This may or may not be connected to the current Mill Road proposals.)

The survey is at .

It deals with specific postcode areas (Cambridge, Watford and Wigan).

We have received reports that, at various points, the message ‘sorry you do not fall within our category’ is received if responses like ‘I made very few visits to Tesco’ are received. Another part of the survey, it has been reported to us, asks you to tell them why you are shopping at Tesco more than any other supermarket.

Please let us know if you receive a request to fill in a survey of this nature.

Facts and figures – Tesco/supermarkets

We have researched some facts and figures about Tesco which may make interesting reading…

Supporting groups growing

A large number of groups have confirmed their support for our Campaign to stop Tesco coming to Mill Road. These including local community groups, the majority of political parties active in the area, and Cambridge’s MP.

Please contact us if your group wishes to be added to the list.