Community Music Event – Saturday 6th October 11am-1pm

There will be a Community Music Event outside Wilco on Mill Road on Saturday 6th October, from 11 am until 1pm.

Running order:

11 am – 12 am (assemble 10.45 am)

Just turn up with your voice!

A-cappela singing:

  • A collection of willing singers to assemble at 10.45am outside Wilco.
  • We will be set back from the road, so that we aren’t blocking the pavement.
  • We will supply lyrics on hand-out sheets.
  • The singing, harmonies will be led by experienced leaders of the community singing groups in Cambridge.
  • The songs will be busked – some easy, rousing, fun songs with a few which are tailored for the event.
  • This will have to be spontaneous as there is no time to rehearse, but learn on the spot – if there are enough of us it will be good.
  • No stress, loads of fun.

All welcome!

12 am – 1 pm (assemble 12 am if you aren’t there already)

Just turn up with your instrument/s.

Other busking acts:

  • Whoever wants to perform please be there by 12 am as we need to estimate how long for each act.
  • Bear in mind the nature of the event and try to make your act as relevant and enjoyable as possible.
  • There won’t be any amplification for this event, so acoustic instruments only.

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda <> or use our simple contact form.

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